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recording instructions

  • You need TWO devices

    • One to record​

      • A cell phone is fine for recording​.

      • Audio ONLY is MUCH preferred over video.

    • A second device to listen to the learning file with HEADPHONES

  • Recording app-- Easy Voice Recorder

    • Let's all try to use "Easy Voice Recorder" so as many of our recordings are in the same format as possible. This app is free for both iPhone and Android.​

    • When you OPEN the app, please click on SETTINGS

      • FILE FORMAT - please choose .wav

      • SAMPLE RATE - please choose 48 khz (high quality)​

  • Recording Directions

    • Place recording device in a closet between clothes​

      • This dampens the reverberation​

    • Use a music stand, ladder, or other easily moveable surface such as a small table - but place a TOWEL on the surface UNDER your recording device

    • The device should be about an arm's length away

      • But PLEASE test this to find the best placement for your voice

      • STRONG, HIGH notes may require a step back to avoid distortion - the "crunching" effect

    • Open the learning file on your second device.

      • Use HEADPHONES to sing along to your second device while you record on your first device.​

  • Uploading Directions

    • LISTEN to your recording to make sure there are no mistakes​.

    • RENAME your file according to the instructions.

    • UPLOAD to the specified dropbox link.

Click on the song title for music pdf's, specific directions, learning files, and dropbox links

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