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  1. This is fairly straightforward, so I am just giving you the audio for this one.

  2. BEFORE recording, please listen to our performance to refresh your memory.  I was not able to get everything into my singing on the recording tracks, but we did an excellent job getting the details in our live performance.  (Link below)

    1. Please do not record yourself singing along to the live performance...the tempo fluctuates.

  3. Practice each file several times before recording.

  4. Emotion/energy/passion cannot be fixed/added in Alfred's studio.  Sing from your heart.

  5. You CAN record the entire piece at once, BUT you can also record sections.  If you break it up, please stick to the following 4 sections:

    1. mm. 1 - 8

    2. mm. 9 - 14

    3. mm. 15 - 19

    4. mm. 22 - end

  6. I found it difficult to make full phrases without sneaking a breath.  If you need to sneak a breath, please remember:

    1. sneak a breath where no one would expect

    2. NEVER put on an "s" BEFORE sneaking a breath - just skip it

    3. Never sneak a breath where we specifically marked a "carry-over"

    4. If it feels like a good place to sneak a breath, that means it isn't!

  7. Please name your file as follows:

    1. VOICE PART - Last Name - Lacrymosa - section

    2. Here is an example:

      1. Tenor - Stroud - Lacrymosa - Entire

      2. Bass - Stroud - Lacrymosa - Section 1

Due Next Monday, April 19th.  Please try to plan ahead to either use this Wednesday evening to record or to do it at a more convenient time.  But please try your best to get it in on time.


If there are extenuating circumstances, and you need more time, please let me know - - I completely understand how unexpected things pop up.


Here are the links to the recordings:












Here is the link to upload your recording(s):



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