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Thank you to our sponsors!
Winter 2023 Concert: Brightest and Best of the Holidays

Angel: $250 and above

Alex & Christa Basilevsky

James Ferguson

Mary Herzog

Jeanette Lynch

Sean & Marcia Reynolds

V. Richard & Rae Roeder

Marion and Frank Steltz

John Swartzentruber and Lauren McKinney

Karen Vesely & Evan Siegelman

Patron: $100 - $249

Ariano Restaurant

Joan Bromley

Gregory Brown and Linton Stables

Mark Forwood

Gail Hale, in honor of Linda Heffernan

Linda Heffernan and Marty Spiegel

Steve and Julie Kuerschner

Erika and Alan Kors

Jack McEwan

Barbara McLaughlin, in memory of Jeff Dudley

Kevin Nolan

Loretta Orndorff

Selene Platt

Robin & Tom Queenan

Suzette Strine

Jack Stroud

Jane Valdes-Dapena

Village Vine Wine Bar & Bistro

Annie and Bruce Wyman

Benefactor: $50 - $99

Bill and Pat Ahern

Margaret Dougherty, in memory of Jeff Dudley

Walter Dunham

Mary Gillane

Samantha Harris

Mark Hull

Brian Kors

Schneider, Linda-Jean

James and Rita Wright

Sponsor: $25 - $49

Edna Bogert

Carlin Knight

McAndrews Family

Colin Wright

And a special thanks to all who donated in memory of Carol Stroud:

Jill Ahern

Alex and Christa Basilevsky

Mary Gillane

Linda Heffernan

Jeanette Lynch

Erika and Alan Kors

Loretta Orndorff

Selene Platt

Robin Queenan

Marcia Reynolds

V. Richard and Rae Roeder

Ann Seidman

John Swartzentruber and Lauren McKinney

Jane Valdes-Dapena

Karen Vesely and Evan Siegelman

Claire and Carl Witzel

Rita Wright

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