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The Blind Man

You asked;  I delivered.  Here are the recording links for The Blind Man INCLUDING video of me conducting.  I hope it is okay.  The prep for this piece took a LOT longer than anything last semester, so I had to record the video in school.  I apologize for not being able to get it to you sooner.  


Take your time.  Don't get frustrated.  Enjoy every single note.






  1. Practice each file several times before recording to make sure you FEEL the emotion of each phrase and breath.

  2. Emotion/energy/passion cannot be fixed/added in Alfred's studio.  Sing from your heart.

  3. If the conducting does not sync exactly with the music, go with what you HEAR rather than what you see.  (But it is REALLY close).

  4. The piano track gives the subdivision of the beat.  It should make it easy to follow the tempo rubato (slower or faster notes).

  5. I just need ONE recording for Vs. 1-2, and one recording for Vs. 3.

    1. We will use the Verse 1 recording for Verse 2.

  6. Each section is fairly short.  It will sound better if you can memorize it.

Please re-name your files as follows: "Voice part - Last Name - The Blind Man" (ex: "Bass 1 - Stroud - The Blind Man")

Upload your files to DROPBOX here:

Due Next Wednesday, March 10th.  

If you need extra time, just email me at so I know when to expect your recordings.



Vs. 1-2

Soprano - Vs. 1-2


Alto - Vs. 1-2


Tenor - Vs. 1-2


Bass - Vs. 1-2



Vs. 3

Soprano - Vs. 3


Alto - Vs. 3


Tenor - Vs. 3


Bass - Vs. 3

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