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jingle bells

Click here for most recently updated music pdf

  • Directions

    • You will hear a total of 8 drum taps - please clap with 5,6,7,8

    • ONLY sing the three choruses

      • HOWEVER, you need to record from the beginning until the end.​

    • Sing the chorus with a bit of bounce, but HOLD over the "Bells"

      • Jingle Bells----Jingle Bells----Jingle All the Way​

        • All on one breath​

        • "All the way" is straight 8th notes, not dotted

          • EXCEPT for Sopranos the first time, but please note - the second time is NOT dotted​

  • Links to Learning Files

  • LISTEN to your recording to make sure there are no mistakes

  • RENAME your file:

    • Voice Part - Last Name​

      • i.e. Bass - Stroud​

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