Silent Night

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For ease of recording (no rustling pages!) click below to find 1-page versions for each voice part:


  • There are a few note changes - especially mm. 21 - 28 and mm. 48 to end

    • Remember to use the new sheet music!

    • Don't worry, they are very, VERY easy

  • Above you will find updated pdf's of the following:

    • 1 pdf of the full score

    • 6 pdf's of each part on a single page so you can avoid page turns

  • All is soft and only a little vibrato.  

    • HOWEVER - you can achieve this by singing full and standing a bit further back from the microphone.

    • I DEFINITELY took a step back when I went for the Soprano high notes on "Sleep in Heavenly Peace" so I would not have to back off too much

    • You will just have to test the recording before doing it.

  • Please observe all breaths and rests as written on the new parts

  • There are NO claps at the beginning - Alfred says he does not need them.

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LISTEN to your recording to make sure there are no mistakes


RENAME your file: Voice Part - Last Name (i.e. Bass - Stroud)


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