here we come a-wassailing

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Practice with the recording BEFORE you record.


You will hear three claps during the short intro, please clap along with those.


Diction is everything!  D’s and T’s – and for vowels, think Julie Andrews!  


A slight and bright British accent is encouraged.

            ESPECIALLY – please soften all final “R’s” to sound more British

            i.e.  1st verse words like:  Here, Fair, Your, Year..

            2nd verse words like:  Are, Beggars, Door to Door, Neighbor’s, Before


This should be fun and bouncy – but not too separated.


Please accent “Love and joy come to you, and to you your Wassail, too”


Then you can go back to a more legato bounce for “And God bless you…”


Hold longer syllables like “WAN-d’ring” and “Bless”


FINAL NOTE of the song – please hold “Year” STRONG for 6 beats and cut off on 7


Links to Recording Files:

            Sop 1:


            Sop 2:


            Alto 1:


            Alto 2:








LISTEN to your recording to make sure there are no mistakes

RENAME your file:  Voice Part - Last Name​  (i.e. Bass - Stroud​)

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