Deck the Halls

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  • There are two sections for everyone

    • There is a third section for Sopranos who would like to help with the High-B

  • HOLD the LAST NOTE of Section 1 AND Section 2 LONGER THAN WRITTEN

    • In fact, as long as you can hold it without losing any sound quality.

    • Then Alfred and I can decide when to fade out each one in the studio.

  • NO forte-piano's in Section #1 - just sing regular strength for the long notes in mm. 13-14 and 16-20.

  • Altos and Bass/Baritones divide at the VERY end of section 2 - but there is only one file.  You can hear both parts quite clearly.  

    • Soprano 2 was harder to hear when I recorded it, so I made a separate file for that section (see below)

  • Please do clap with me as usual at the beginning

  • There are NO changes in the score other than the removal of the 2 forte-piano's, but the pdf is above the directions just in case.

  • The DROPBOX link to UPLOAD these files will be on our website either tomorrow or Friday.

Recording Links:

LISTEN to your recording to make sure there are no mistakes

RENAME your file: Voice Part - Last Name (i.e. Bass - Stroud)

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